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Umbridge High Main Office, Friday

To: Umbridge High Security Office
From: Umbridge High Administrative Office
Re: Reports needed

Ms Bo:

Thank you for your speedy attention regarding our Gremlin 'issue' last week. We have had no subsequent attacks on our office since your visit.

As it is the end of the month, the Business Office is attempting to close out our files. In doing so, we have discovered we do not have the monthly status report from your office. Can you please dispatch this to our office as soon as possible?

In addition, it has come to our attention that there was a casualty among the student body yesterday. We will be expecting the usual paperwork.

We look forward to working with you in the upcoming school year and appreciate all your hard work in maintaining our school and student body.

~ M Akatsutsumi

Momoko hit send and then rested her head on her hand for a moment. She'd had to come in early to get started on the paperwork regarding the death of yet another student in Detention, and the literal headache the news had given her yesterday was no better this morning.

She swallowed another aspirin, her eye catching the card from Priestly that she'd found at her door. Tokyo. Momoko reached for it, just trying to lose herself in the cherry blossoms. Was it time for them to fall? She... she couldn't really remember.

But she did remember Priestly asking her to go on a trip with him a few days ago. Just the two of them. Was this what he meant? A trip to Tokyo?

And then Momoko's breath stopped for a moment. A trip to her Tokyo? Tokyo City? Her family?

Had... Had Priestly been trying to... Had...

Momoko's head pounded as she tried to complete the thought. Had she turned down a proposal?!

Paperwork and reports were completely forgotten as she slipped the card into her purse and headed out of the office; it would all be there on Monday, and she had to find Priestly now, talk to him. Explain! He'd misunderstand! Was that why he was so totally melancholy of late? They'd been together so very long, but she hadn't realized... She had only thought he meant... Oh, she had no idea what she'd thought and it didn't matter.

"Find Priestly and then..." And then? She rubbed her head lightly and headed to the South Gate.

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